Located inside Arrowhead Mall on the Lower Level next to Dillards


Professional Body Piercing and Body Jewelry

Professional Body Piercing and Body Jewelry

Professional Body Piercing and Body JewelryProfessional Body Piercing and Body JewelryProfessional Body Piercing and Body Jewelry





10+ Years of Experience

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20+ Years of Experience

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8+ Years Experience

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2+ Years Experience

Apprenticed by Modern Mods Team

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Body Piercer

2+ Years Experience

Apprenticed by Modern Mods Team

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No Appointment Needed

We do not take appointments. We. have 6 Professional Body Piercers on the team and at least 2 on staff at all times to accommodate our high traffic location. 


Our price list is located just below this section. All piercing prices include standard jewelry and all will have upgrade options available as well.

Age Requirements

We specialize with our young clients and will pierce infants ear lobes starting at 3 months old. 

We will pierce upper ear lobe (2nd hole) and most ear piercings on minors with Parent or legal guardian consent.

You must be 14 years old or older with a parent or legal guardian consent for all facial and body piercings per Arizona state law. Parent or Legal guardian must be in store with you during your piercing and sign Liability waivers.


We are located inside of Arrowhead Mall on the Lower Level Next to Dillards

Can You Request a Specific Piercer?


We encourage you to call ahead to make sure the piercer you are wanting to see is in store. Once you come in please let out counter girls know the piercer you would like to be set with.

Jewelry & Allergies

We carry top of the line jewelry only. All basic jewelry is implant grade 316L Surgical Steel. We do carry Titanium, 14K Yellow Gold, 14K White Gold and 14K Rose Gold jewelry. We also carry the very prestigious BVLA line for all precious stone and Precious Metals. If we don't have what you are looking for we can place a custom order for you. 

Needle vs. Piercing Gun

The quick answer: A piercing needle is much better than a piercing gun, for many reasons. Needles are generally cleaner, more accurate, and less painful than guns. Below, you'll find the pros and cons for both piercing guns and piercing needles. 

  • There can be major tissue trauma when a piercing is performed with a gun. The piercing guns hold blunt studs, and when these studs are forced through the tissues, it literally rips the tissue in order to make room for the jewelry. If your piercing will go through the cartilage, it can shatter with blunt force.
  • When the blunt stud is shot through your skin, it can get messy. A wipe of an alcohol or antiseptic pad is not going to remove all those blood particles, however, and piercing guns cannot be properly sterilized. They get a lot of use and come into contact with bodily fluid... however, a simple swipe of an alcohol swab between uses is not enough to sterilize the instrument. Some claim that the instrument never comes into contact with the skin, but the piercer's hands do, and they're touching the potentially contaminated gun and are further contaminating it with your blood.
  • Mall employees and booth workers generally undergo a whopping two-week course on how to use a piercing gun. That's not a lot of time to teach proper techniques for infection control or healing.
  • Piercing guns use blunt studs that have butterfly backs. These can easily harbor bacteria and gunk, which can infect a new piercing. The studs are sometimes made of a low-grade material which cause allergic reaction, scarring, and infection.

5 Star Reviews on Google & Facebook

Brittany G. *****

 Heather and her team are more than amazing! I went in today and Mimi repierced my Tragus on both ears. I had originally got them done in March somewhere else but the jewelry that was used was too small. Heather and Mimi were so knowledgeable and HONEST, they helped me get what I need. Thank you guys for being so kind and friendly! We will definitely be going back!!! Thank you again loves!!!!!!! 

Krystyna *****

 Walking around the mall talking to my bf about a 2nd nose piercing and happened to come across Modern Mods...didn't even know it was there! Mimi was my piercer. She was fun, energetic, genuine and an AMAZING piercer. Great experience! Will definitely recommend and visit again soon ♡♡♡ 

Brandi D. *****

 Emily at Modern Mods was amazing! Did my bridge and it was quick and painless. Very professional and clean there! Definitely would recommend it to everyone! 

Ashled C. *****

 We came in to get our babies ears pierced yesterday! We did a lot of research on where to take her because we wanted to make sure we had a good/clean/professional job. With her being so young we were a bit apprehensive about the whole process but as soon as we got started we knew we were in good hands! Bobby was very professional and made us feel very comfortable! He assured us that everything was ok and pierced them quickly and efficiently! Very clean environment and we left having a great experience! Highly recommend! 

Maria G. *****

 I would highly recommend anyone who is going or thinking about getting a piercing done to come here..They were absolutely amazing. Got my lip and my daughter's ears pierced today and they were really great with her..Thank you so much.. 

Tabitha P. *****

 The best team ever I had my two teen boys pierced by Angie today and my pre teen girl and my little boy done by Heather and let’s just say they all love them all had their ears done ... the teen boys plan to gage eventually !!!! Xoxoxox to the all girl team today you guys are awesome!!!! We will be back next weekend!!!! 

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